Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby's First Photos !

This shot is from the side, head to the left, belly to the right (kinda looks like mine now!) and you can see the spine along the bottom there. The round-ish area in the middle of all that, that is darkish, that is the baby's heart! So it looks like we have all the main parts!

Like I said, I see doctor tomorrow, so we'll see about that due date....moving it closer will not hurt my feelings at all, but that is closer to Jesselyn's birthday, and at this point she did not really want to share her one big day. Places it closer to Tyler Burns birthday though. That would be fun!

First Baby Photo

Well, here it is....the first photo of baby Smith! As you can see, it already found it's thumb! We had the ultra sound on the 19th. It weighs around 8 oz already, which according to the tech, means it is 5 days older than thought. I guess I will get official word from the doctor on that tomorrow when I go see Dr Harrison.
Kent went with me, you should have seen his face when he was watching the screen from behind the tech! It was fun just to watch him, 'cuz I could not see the screen. His head would slant to one side, then squint his eyes, then his head would move another direction, and he would move closer. It was like he was looking at an alien or something. Ha The tech, Mary who is Liz's mom, asked if we wanted to know the sex, and Kent shook his head no, so I told her no, not now anyhow. So for all the curious if we found out, we did not. We may later on, but for now it is any body's guess. So, boy or girl, which ever it is, it was moving in there and sucking on it's thumb....and I did not feel a thing!