Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New House Day4 (Aug 9th)

Living room looking west
Carolyn and Jerry helped me paint in the living room. We got most all a first coat. Ceiling to floor with the exception of one needed some holes filled in. They were rather large, so we skipped that wall for now. It was late....using spot lights I stole off Kent from the shed. Jesse was a gem and watched Kenda at old house. After they left I scrubbed down the dining room walls, then kitchen walls and then onto the top half of the dang muscles are still in the party mood....naughty things! I got home and into bed about 1 or 1:30. Set the alarm for 5!

New House Day 3 (Aug 8th)

I painted the bedroom ceiling to floor. Fun. My muscles are having a party!

New House Day 2 (Aug 7th)

Went to Storm Lake for paint...must pick in 5 minutes cause the Kent train in running that guy needs to take a minute! Picked paint for bedroom (ours) and living room, dining room and hall way. Off to the furniture store for a new table for the kitchen. Tall one, with bench seats- Kinda nifty! Then I started on the tape in the bedroom.

New House Day 1

Purchase/ Closing....wonder if a person could sign their name ONE more time just for fun! Holy cow, but it is now went to walk around in it. Took Kenda out and about the place....hhmmm...need to mow, and spray weeds....and she got to see a cow up close and personal...that was cute.  Kent decided then and there....paint color in the house too close to yellow (he hates yellow) so rooms need painted....oh joy!