Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Morning...I guess. Kenda gave me a fright this morning...she did not get up on her regular 2 hour schedule in the night. I jumped from the bed when Kent's alarm went off and I realized it was morning. Wow. She was fine, sleeping like a little angel. Her normal routine as been down at 12 or 1 am, and then up about every 2 hours or so and doing that until noon. So, momma is tired, cuz no, I dont sleep when baby does, who has time for that! My laundry is behind, my house is a wreck. my mail is a wreck. Seems when she is up, she does not like just being still in her bouncy seat or lying on the floor...she wants some company. Who does not love holding and comforting a baby???Duh.....that is why we have her isn't it.
Gotta run, someone just woke up and is screaming her head off!! Later!