Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, Here we are, mid October on a cold and snowing morning. YUK, I guess we just got to take what we get. Kenda is an unofficial 12# now...and from the looks of it, it has almost all gone to her CHEEKS!! I think they are getting bigger. What do ya'll think? As you can see, she is now smiling. She has been for a couple weeks. Big gummy grins. She loves to grin in the mornings after her morning milk the most.
She is doing better with the rash on her face. Doc VandeLune said it was nothing to worry about and we are applying some really great cream. It is better than it was.

Don't ya just love this shirt???!! If you can't read it very well, it says I love my Mummy...ha. Pandora found it for the shower. It is just so cute. She has a couple more so she is ready for the Halloween season. No costume just yet, but we will.
She is holding her head up more and more, even though she did a good job of it when she was born. She still likes sleeping on her side the most, but will manage to sleep well on her back. She will take a bottle of breast milk from others, and even daddy if we are not home. She is sharp, she knows when we are not here and when we are. So, I hope that she will be a good girl for Vera her sitter. She was a good girl for grandma Carolyn on Friday. I had my appt at the doctors office and she stayed with Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Jerry for that time. She drank her bottle. It was ok to leave her there, it did not bother me so much as I thought, but it was family. That makes a big difference. I already started crying again last night because she goes to the sitter for the first time tomorrow afternoon. We are going to visit Vera this afternoon and meet her and take her diapers and wipes. I hate the thought of tomorrow and taking her to the sitter. It is gonna kill me. I wish her daddy had more sympathy for me....even if he wont change things, a little compassion would sure help. He has no clue, not one about how this is tearing me up inside.
I wish the poor little thing had more of a schedule or routine but she does not. She is sleeping for longer periods of time at night. And she did hit the hay a little earlier the past two nights. I spend a lot of time making sure she is not sleeping all day to be up all night. I have to be sure the sitter understands that too. And, I get to train daddy into taking his turn now that momma is heading back to work. I have to say this is much much much tougher at 43 than it was at 23. I get so tired I could just vomit. Hopefully as time goes on and she sleeps longer at night we will all be better. I think if I could get her to take a nice big warm bottle at night she would do way better, but like I said she does not like that at home, so it will be a big struggle at the point where we make that happen.
Well, I best go and wake up sleeping beauty. We need to get ready to go to town. Post office and to see Vera after that. Suppose to be warm up to a balmy 40 degrees this afternoon. Whoot! I think we are waiting for that to happen. I don't have to go out before then, so we won't. Tomorrow is a different story altogether. I will make it up again later for adding pictures from the baby shower we had in Cherokee. It was super and we have some great pictures.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Morning...I guess. Kenda gave me a fright this morning...she did not get up on her regular 2 hour schedule in the night. I jumped from the bed when Kent's alarm went off and I realized it was morning. Wow. She was fine, sleeping like a little angel. Her normal routine as been down at 12 or 1 am, and then up about every 2 hours or so and doing that until noon. So, momma is tired, cuz no, I dont sleep when baby does, who has time for that! My laundry is behind, my house is a wreck. my mail is a wreck. Seems when she is up, she does not like just being still in her bouncy seat or lying on the floor...she wants some company. Who does not love holding and comforting a baby???Duh.....that is why we have her isn't it.
Gotta run, someone just woke up and is screaming her head off!! Later!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We had our first big event on the 12th- Matt and Liz's
Wedding. Kenda got a new dress to wear from Grandma Carolyn
and she looked fabulous. She posed with Bachy and Lisa and after
Sleeping thru the whole wedding and most of the reception, she
woke up for the party time. So,

Patty got to see her with her eyes open. Big sis
Jesse was here, so we posed real quick for a snap shot.
Once she was awake, she stayed that way for a long time, and did not seem to mind the very loud music. I did
so we told daddy it was time to go...little missy stayed up until 1:30 that was one dead head the next day. Sunday was spent lying on
the couch!

Well, can you believe that tomorrow will mark Kenda's 4th week!!!! Oh how time flies. You have to forgive me for not posting so is not my fault. My lovely little daughter has built in radar for two eating....and me on the computer. I have started two or three different times...and just then.....wwwaaaaaaa from down stairs and I just cancel out and go tend to her. She does not understand that I am trying to share her pics...only that she is hungry. Geezzzz.

So, here it is after 11 pm and I am cutting my sleeping time way down, but I just wanted to share some pics......she sleeps about 2 hrs at a time thus far....and sometimes that does not start until midnight...depends on how the day went.
In the pictures above, she is with Dr Harrison, on her first check up. She had gained 2 pounds and had grew 1/2 an inch...! Wow, I never would have seen that coming. She slept through the entire appt, even being undressed, weighed and poked. is the truck ride to town that does it. Knocks her out for a long time. Many ppl still think she never opens her eyes. The other pic is daddy giving her the first bottle. She did well, as did daddy. She did not so well with another bottle a few days later....but we are working on it. The other pics are just some shots....I love her little feet. Daddy says they are monkey feet, cuz if you touch them, she grips her little itty bitty toes on to you- and of course like babies are, she is very she can "fold" them in tight to her body....she likes them rubbed, just like her daddy likes his feet rubbed.....
Well, that is going to be it for this moment I better just stay up...cuz momma's little milk mug should be thinking she is starving in about 30 minutes, give or take a few. So, I will try again tomorrow for updates and more pics...she had her first visit to the clay county fair on friday, which was also the first stroller use.....that went well also. She has the cadillac of strollers from Grandpa Jerry and Grandma was great. Thank you Jerry and Carolyn....the stroller was perfect.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Taa Daa- Kenda Renae Smith

Hello- we made it home. I got pics. This will be short, I am swelling in the legs and ankles really bad from the boat load of ankles resemble my knees now and the knees- well, hips I guess. Everyone wants to know what Daddy thinks....I think the picture says it all. He loves her to death. He even has changed TWO diapers, and he was up with her this morning at 5, and held her til he had to leave at 6. The picture with the polk a dot blanket is from going home day. She was 7 pounds 15 oz and 21 inches long!
I will spare the long drawn out version of my week for you- long long story made short: I went for doc appt Friday and I never made it home until last night! Her fluid in the sac was almost half what it should be, pumping IV's into me did not make it better, so they induced slowly on Saturday all day, nothing, then induced really hard on Sunday- started to think we would have baby....but suddenly I since she was low on fluid and I was swelling in cervix- at 4 am on Sunday night doc said I have to have C Section on Monday at 6:30 am, which was only in a few hours. C Section went fine....Kenda was stuck in the canal.....that is what stopped my she had to be tugged and pushed out. Just my luck! She is a trooper- she is fine. All is well. She has a mommy & me visit from some nurse today- so stupid the day after we get home.
I will post more pics later...she is now awake again. Her first night home was not a magical scene at all like I imagined. She was up every hour all night....and me too. So, gotta run , stuff to do and feet to put up.
Thanks for all the well wishes. Love to all...Rhonda

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Countin' Down Week # 39

SOMEONE posted these pics just outside my cubicle at work! Hhmmm....Paula, could you tell me who did this?? One was from the wedding shower for Matt and Liz and the other is from over the weekend when Kent & I were at Jake and Megan Nolls wedding reception. I was trying to see what was happenin' on the dance floor, and well, fell SHORT, so i climbed up on a chair to see- using Kent to stabilize me in the front! We even danced, but could not coax BUG out! (I do believe I have Aunt Ruby to thank for the pics....)
This week I still have some trouble with that tooth. Called the dentist on Tues for some advise and help- besides being told I should have had the root canal- they gave me antibiotics. This morning when I woke up- it was bleeding and oozing. YUK! But, it stopped quickly and I made it to work. Dentist said to keep up the meds and let them know if not better today....and it did get better - the meds kicked in. The swelling is going down and the pressure & pain have lessened. So, I see doctor Harrison tomorrow bright and early at 8- I can fill her in then. She was not around today. Other than that--- still in the holding pattern.
Ya'll have to help me out tho- what shall I say when I see someone and they say to my face- "Still have not had that baby yet?" UG! Seriously- just look at me, does it look like I had the baby???? I need a quick funny come back!
Jesse is turning 20 tomorrow! Oh, my baby is that went fast. She bought some Winnie Pooh blankets yesterday for BUG- she soooooo wants to know what this baby is, and ready to steal the sealed envelope and go for it! She washed up the few clothes we have here at the house today, so that we can have something packed for the hospital and coming home. It looks so little compared to all of our stuff......... she is really gettin' excited too....I think she wants it to be here so she can spend some time before she is off to is so sweet to hear.
Off I go, I need to make sure we have all the addresses listed in my black book of life so that we can update ya'll from the hospital.....don't worry we will. Rhonda & Bug

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Progress Report I have not had that baby yet. I went to the doctor last Friday- and well, at first my blood pressure was high, but we took it again later and it had went down. It might have been due to the fact that my appt was at 1:00- doc was in the ER and the OB dept with someone in labor- so I finally went in after 3, saw her after4 and was out the door on the was to 5. Never made it back to work from that appt either! So, I gained back the pound I lost and baby was growing but measured about the same. It moves around, so hard to get an accurate measurement. I was not dilated any longer...clammed back up as doc likes to describe it. Lovely- guess I will really see that due date or beyond. She asked me if I wanted an order to cut my work hours...but I can do that with out a note...half of my co workers are trying to shove me out the door now. What is with that? I can work as long as I can....once I am gone, so is the income for that moment. People seem to think I am crazy still working. Some ppl seem to think I should be home in bed- what the hell- that would just make me lazy and weak for delivery. I still walk when I can. It makes my back hurt like heck and tighten up - but it is suppose to be good for me.

My stupid tooth that needs pulled or repaired (dentist says root canal, I say shove that idea!!)- well it just HAD to flare up in the past few days. I called and got an antibiotic today- could not take it anymore and well, figured it would not get better with out some help. Had to hear AGAIN how it would not have been a big deal, just a like a filling, to get that root canal done and would not bother my pregnancy. Yeah right- ever heard of Murphy's law people??? I probably wont ever have that root canal done anyhow- just pull it and replace with a lovely partial need to rotor rooter my tooth then cap it- when there is only about a quarter of it left anyhow. So, Iam hoping to at least rid myself of that pain before my labor pains begin!

John and Jesse have finally both got the financial aide info right on the FAFSA info, and turned into school and gettin ready for that. Some how this year, BOTH of them had errors on their reports....what a nightmare! But both the have fixed the problems mostly themselves....Jesse starts on the first, and will head out for campus on the 30th, that Sunday before. John I think starts sometime next week. He is all wigged out that I will have the baby his first week of school and will make it hard for him to visit. When ever he gets here will be fine. He ran down all his plans for study, law test, this class and that....and of course lost me in the process....good thing he is the smart one! Just proud that he is thinking ahead, planning and doing so well....he is just a wonderful young man...

Well, all for tonight, I really am tired as usual. I need to hit the hay- even tho I have cleaning that needs done, cookies to bake and laundry to will be there tomorrow. I will leave work early to get a jump start on the evening!

Good night wishes to you all! More to come later!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Liz & Matt's Shower (Aug 8th)

The traditional Smith wedding shower for
Matt and Liz was Saturday the 8th. It was a hot one that day, with heat indexes near 100 degrees. I made was over @ Lowell and Paula's house in the garage....very humid. Since I work w/ Paula, most everyone knew that I had been in the hosp the day before. So, here was a photo op for the blog and journal. (Liz is the beautiful tan, thin blond one, I am the round, plump sweaty brunette- just incase you were confused!! wink wink) Even got Kent to pose for a second...and forced to smile for a Prego Pic.

Mother Nature Rules

Friday 7th was a regular routine doc visit- or so I thought. I went to appt before work at 8. I had lost a pound, and my blood pressure was up for me to 130 over 80- which is not high by standards, just higher than I had been. The baby was moving a lot and doctor had little trouble getting a heart rate...and what she could get was a tad high, obviously from the moving around. Suddenly she decides that I need the ultra sound and non stress test done and made the appts, that day, starting at 9:30, it was 8:45 when that happened. I ran to the bank and tried to call Kent on the answer! I left him a msg that I had test to do. Ultra sound first... everything seemed fine there and Mary said that ultra sound says that baby weighed in at 7 pounds 5 oz....good size....smaller than the last kid, that is good!!! So, then off to the non stress test in the OB dept of the hospital. I was feeling fine and told the nurse about having the test with Jesselyn, and that I could not feel the contractions she was so big....blah blah blah.....while she hooked me up to the lovely little monitors. So, I am there about 10 minutes, Darla, the nurse/supervisor pulls up the test tape and says to me.......your story is about to repeat itself! I said what? Yeah, you are having contracts at about 3 minutes apart- did you not know that again? I just laughed, til she showed me the test tape and sure enuf, there was the proof that I am still an idiot at 43! I told her that I had these "feelings" for some time now and thought it was just the BUG settling in a ball on the right side....not a contraction for crying out loud. So, there I sat for hours hooked up to that machine - all the while contracting.....awaiting response for the doctor. Darla did an exam and said I was dilated between a 1 and a 2. Finally the doc showed up around lunch time and did exam...I was doing some bleeding from the exams....little concerned she seems, but I was much more concerned. I swear there was an elbow in there at one point! Doc decided that I should have an IV bag of fluids, that this will sometimes make the contractions go away if they are not productive, gonna have a baby contractions.....ok, Whatever. So, that takes like 2.5 there I lay, try to snooze....not working that well for TV, wow day time TV sucks! Yes, I have talked to Kent by then to let him know all the details.....he is still working over at Hinton. I told him I was fine and in no pain, so don't rush over. He likes that idea. The contractions never seem to go away w/ the fluids.....still waiting on the doc. Finally I got to walk around a bit and see all the rooms I could choose from...there are 3, and they are very nice! I walked for a while, IV in tow. Then that battery when out, so back to my room to sit. Doc calls over & says give me more fluid, monitor couple more hours , feed me and send me home. UG! I missed a whole day of work....not that that kills me mind you.....just was not in my plan....if I am gonna miss work or play hooky- it needs to be for more that sittin in a hosp room alone all day for what seems like nothin! So, I got out of the hosp at 6, ran to drug store and then home.....Jesse was working and Kent was hauling gravel to the house. I was feeling fine, so just hung out here, and Kent brought me pizza. I continued to have contractions all weekend and even today....just not 3 minutes apart. Just when ever......and they are getting lower on the we will just have to see what goes. Oh- by the way....I had Mary the gal who did the ultra sound write the sex of the baby down, and seal in an envelope- I did not what to find out w/out Kent......brought it is still sealed....Kent won't decide what to do with it.....driving me and Jesse crazy....and he is enjoying that too....the poop. I guess we waited this long we could wait a little more.....but I wanted to start the sign for the yard.....and do a baby registry on line.....oh well..........

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly Update Week #37

OK, I did not think I looked that bad until I saw this photo. Geeeezzzzz! I am huge and big! I was at the fax machine at work today and Donna thought it was cute and took my pic. They all seem to giggle when I am at the fax or the file cabinet and can not get really close. Oh well, they are right, it is funny to look at.
Doc visit went well, blood pressure at 120 over 70, only gained one pound (can not believe that after all the sweet corn I have eaten lately!!) baby measures in at 37 cm and the it's heart rate was 144. Little higher than before, but good. My bood test (hemoglobin) was fine and they did some other test- will know later on that one. For some infection that can hurt the baby....but is only treated during labor. Seems weird. Still swelling, but it does go down at night. Here is the kicker I did not want to hear at all: Doc says my cervix is closed up tight like a clam, soft, but shut! Serious. So, I say- what does that mean? Yeah, don't think you will go any sooner than those last 3 remaining weeks, and maybe even 4. You might be looking at induced labor if you don't get rolling soon. Walk more...and well, another suggestion I won't share- but some of you may know what she said. Walk I see her this coming Friday we'll just see what I can come up with by then.
Carolyn (mother n law) has completed the painting on the garage...I did get to help some this Saturday...what I could looks so much better now. Now she is on a roll to finish up the landscaping that she and I started last summer and that Kent added to this summer. She got Kent to move dirt Sunday and so the process begins. I think she will be here diggin' in the dirt tomorrow while I am at work. Wish I could help more, but I just can not.
Funny story- here I was this morning, working on the computer to get John's FAFSA completed that was held up due to my pin #- anyway- here I am trying to work on this, my senior in college, the night before was helping Jesse get books on line for her second year- all the while counting down weeks to my baby.....good God what was I thinking!!!???? I had to laugh. The lady on the other end of the live chat was nice, and I told her that doing this was not on my To- DO list this week, since I was having a baby in three weeks....she sorta disappeared.....think I shocked her or something?
I got to go, it is too hot up here and the feet are swelling in this sitting position after standing in the kitchen doing dishes for Will post any fun stuff or pics....and will keep you informed on the doc visit. Take care ya'll!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

36th week- 4 more to go (July 28th)

This is too funny. I asked Kent to take my picture outside tonight for the pregnancy journal and blog. I guess Bullet was feeling a little left out and wondering what we were doing.....Kent did not notice that last picture there where Bullet was making sure I was not hiding anymore sweet corn under my shirt!

That silly dog loves sweet corn as much as I do. Got to watch him while you shuck it or he will be gone in a flash with it. Oh, this is so funny, I am still laughing. I think that last picture has to go into the pregnancy journal.

Great UnExpected Visit

Suddenly last Wednesday I got a text from Laura, they were coming up for an equipment sale in Aurelia- and were going to stay in Cherokee for the night...could I suggest a place and would I be around for a visit. YEAH! So, I booked them a room....and we went in for supper to hang out with her and Craig. She finally got to meet Kent and he and Craig talked about farming all night long. It was super. Except for that issue at the hotel! (wink wink to Laura) Kent was running the camera.....he needs more practise...this was the only pic that we were both looking at him and not talking.

Lovely Ladies

Here is the gal that keeps me in check while pregnant and not, Jane Schmellon, my hair care professional! She is a blast. I tell her that I can not be walkin around with white hair running wild all over when I am about to have a baby for cryin out loud....she takes care of it as you can see. She is fun. She has even flown out and done hair for people on the Amerian Idol show...... wow- next time I better just tell her to give me the "Idol Treatment"!

At the end of June I traveled back south for a Bain side family reunion. It was fun. I got to see lots of family...not as much as I wanted, but it was great. It was even a cool weekend. I did not however see Lisa's kids....they were up here in Sioux City while I was down there...that stunk. I got to see my friend Steph too, that was fun...I even made it to see fireworks in Riverton, something I have not done before- even in those 40 years of livin' in southwest Iowa. Ha! You can see me and my sisters in the pic, and I met little Hunter Jones for the first time. He is so little and I thought he looked like his grandpa Jon. I can tell you tho, he is going places with those big eyes. He is my cousin Trudy's daughter's baby. Trudy, God rest your soul, I know you are smiling huge up there when you look down upon this handsome little one. My baby started kicking when Hunter was sittin there on the 'baby shelf"- that was funny. I also got to hang out some with Natalie and Nicole as you can see in the other pic. Those twins are just still growing- and busy! They wore me out just telling me all the things they had going for the summer. Holy cow. I hope that Shannon is gearing up for when the boys come knocking at his door- at double the pace! Ha Ha.....I best go back and find that picture of Denise's grandson...oh he is a cutie pie too....I will find that and add it in. Big huge brown eyes....heartbreaker in the makin'. I hear we are going to plan this reunion for every other year! Good. I am glad, it is good to see family.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Count Down is on

Hello all- I know the whole idea behind this was to keep posting more than I do- but what can I say- I am old and tired- and ready to have a baby. Some say it has gone fast....yeah those of which are not achy, swollen, tired, peeing every 5 minutes and hot all the time, or are having their bladder used as a trampoline! Those who sleep well all night can say my pregnancy has gone fast....and when I think of all thing I have yet to accomplish before B day- well you are right. But, when I am tossing & turning all night, up and down, in and out of the bathroom, sleeping on the couch for the most part- well, that is when I decide that is had drug on forever!

I go to see the doc on this coming Friday. Last visit, I was doing great still. Blood pressure was 110 over 70, my normal and my weight gained was about 12 pounds total at that point. I have started the swelling in the feet and ankles...sometimes it looks really ugly- today we not so bad. I have started going to the truck at lunch time and laying the back seat and popping my legs up and out the window to curb the swelling....I have created a few chuckles I am sure. I still go most days to the lake for a lap or two after work, I think that is the key to keeping the swelling down and pounds off...but it sure tuckers me out.

Kent has still been home most nights...working in Hinton over by Sx City. I love having him here-I just hate cooking each night.....I got kinda spoiled not doing that for some time. I got him to agree to going to one prenatal class with me....signed us up....he got off work early, cleaned up and met me in town.....ONLY to find out that they did not put us on the list, therefore we did not get the call that morning telling us that class was cancelled due to low participants.........UG! He was offered to see the maternity wing, which was going to be good, until we found out someone was in there in we kindly declined. The gal said, just have him read the book you got last time you were here......yeah right! If it can not be read in a bathroom visit- it ain't gonna get read!

Jesse is still working the pool and Hy Vee and being the typical home from college kid. Staying out late and doing things she should not....but what can I say.... John is well, and currently working two jobs until his time is up at Barnes & Noble- he took a different job over and Java House.. it is closer to his apt and I think he is going to like that better. He took his L-SAT, but he says he did not like his score...and will be taking it over in a few months, I think he told me September. I am sure it was not that bad- but with John, good it not enuf....which is ok....I just don't want him to kill himself off as an over achiever.

I have some pictures I wanted to add.....but just realized as I got my big self up here on the second floor with memory card in hand, that my transfer thingy ma jig is out side in my bag in the truck....and I am not going down, out and in and up tonight....stairs seem to do this gal in. So, I will do that tomorrow. Promise. I want to get a pic ea week for my I can load those are here too...I know the best part is the pictures...I think so too.

Alright....I would say it is past my bed time...and it is....but I won't sleep anyway- but I best get out of this chair and lay down. Sitting all day tends to lead to that swelling in the legs, ankles and I can tell I sat here too long already..... hope you like the new look of the blog- looks more summer like....not a lot of options, but something a bit brighter for the season.

OH- by the way- NO we do not know the sex of the baby yet and NO, doc has not scheduled that next ultra sound.....we'll see what happens this Friday.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Went for a check up a while ago- baby is 29 cm at 29 weeks...right where it should be. I only gained 2 pounds...but this baby feels like 10 in there. Blood pressure and heart rate is fine, and the baby's heartbeat was good too. I will go sooner this next visit. I go again July 3rd, and then again in 2 week intervals for a bit then down to the weekly visits. We will have an ultra sound again, but the doctor will not give me a date. So, yes when we get to have that we will find out the sex. Trying to start getting some of the things we will need right away here and done. I just still seem so tired at night, I don't feel like doing too much. Humidity found northern Iowa hard the last few days- and man, that has really drained me. So, I will have to try to work hard this coming weekend to get stuff done. Kent has been home each night, working over at the s Dakota border, but now working over at Hinton starting this week. He got to feel the baby with the hiccups the other night, he thought that was cool.

John got his L-SAT test taken just before his 21st birthday. Wow that was a long test, and he is relieved to have it done. And happy to be a 'legal". I wish I could have been with him to celebrate. He will find out his score on the test at the end of the month. Long wait for him. I will pass that on later when we find out. I can feel it in my heart, that he did just fine!

Kent has some new farm equipment- and I will share pictures of that is late and hotter than you know what up here in this room. Time to put Bullet to bed and then me and the BUG!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mother's Day

Geez- I almost forgot! For Mother's Day Jess and I went to Denison and meet Mom, Trisa and Shyann. We had lunch and then went over to Bomgaar's shopping. I forgot to take a pic outside the restaurant, so we took over at Bomgaars in the parking lot. It was funny. So, we used the timer on the camera for the shot. That was so funny. People I am sure thought we were nuts, especially the people who wanted in their car while we used it for the backdrop! ha ha We all wish that Lisa could have made it...but she had important things to attend at church that day. So, hopefully we can all get together this month at the reunion for the Bain family. I plan to go unless something comes up. I want to see lots of people! Can just make a weekend out of it all.

BUG Update

I don't have any pictures, just info for the Bug in the oven. I saw the doctor on the 20th of May and did the glucose tolerance test. I passed with flying colors! My visit was during the 26th week of pregnancy and my belly measured 28 cm. So baby is slightly larger than the week count. Everything checked out well- blood pressure was good, I had not gained any weight and the baby's heartbeat was strong. I still have very little to no swelling, which is so surprising to me. I am starting to feel pressure in the rib cage and sides. I feel huge, but most say I look great. I think everyone is just being kind. The baby still does not enjoy my sitting down. It just kicks and moves all day while I am at work, sitting at my desk. It kicks while driving in the truck. I tried to set the seat back further, but I feel sorta stupid- like I am cruisin' the hood, and should be blastin' some rap music. Ha I am usually still worn out by 5pm, but still truck to the lake and do a lap or two for exercise during good weather. I really hate getting up in the morning. Seems like even early bedtimes do not help. I am forcing the water still, and eating lots of cool fruits and trying my hand at making smoothies here at home. I can not eat much at one time....not much room in there anymore. Jesselyn and I made it to the prenatal classes last month. She swears she is never going to have children after that first night. (birth videos!!) I was over come shortly before class with the thought of being the 'old woman' in the group- let alone being the only person who brings their 19 year child with them to class as a partner, rather than my husband! Well, I was the oldest for sure, I swear there was a 12 year old there! And I was the only "repeat offender" tagged by the teacher. I had more fun watching Jesselyn and hearing her reactions to the info presented to us. Most of it started to come back to I have been mentally preparing myself to know that I have done this before and I CAN DO IT AGAIN! I hope that maybe Kent will be close enough in July to attend at least the first night of class.....I can make it through again, he needs to learn about what will be taking place during labor, and what I will be needing of him. Well see how his schedule goes. He is working close by over at Westfield, which is an hour from the house, on the S Dakota border. He is actually be home each night, but plans on spending the rest of this week over there. So, just will be me and Jess here at the house. We can do mac and cheese and fruit for supper!!! yippee!

Me & My Men!

May 15th we went to Winnevegas again with Rick, Karma, Pandora and Dana to see Jake Owen in concert. That was fun, and afterward he did an autograph photo session. So, here I am with Jake, he is just too cute. Then May 23rd we went to Sanborn to Geoff Klump's graduation party and Aunt Ruby snapped a "pregnant" pic for us.... and well, Jake is cute, but check out daddy to be, now that is my man!!

A Little Weekend Fun

Well, this weekend was loaded with some more fun.....we had the Rodeo in Cherokee we went to on Friday, followed by a concert by Iowa native Shawn Mayer. She was the 3rd place winner on Nashville Star.
Sunday was full of sunshine and
fun over at Jerry and Carolyn's house. Barb,
Jeff and Jack were here along with Zach & Kristi, oh and we got to meet Edgar the dog this trip too. So, the whole family was there. Including the cutie pie above, Morgan. We celebrated some birthdays too with some ymmy ice cream cake. The kids played in the pool, it was in the 90's that day, but the wind was fierce! I was not going in that is for sure! It was fun to see the part of the family that lives so far away, but it was just one day on their way to more vacationing. Bullet needs to take some tips from Edgar, he knows lots of tricks, compared to Bullets 3!
I took advantage of time spent with Morgan and took a turn at a diaper! I did okay! Kent played with Morgan some, but won't hold her....afraid he might break her or she will spit on him. What a dope! What are we going to do with him!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bullet Blog Time

Bullet has been doing good. He is pretty shaggy from the winter still. He has a favorite new toy from G-Ma Judy. He loves that thing and we have to play each night when I get home. I throw he retrieves...sorta. He also has discovered the 'sewer' outlet out in the back of acreage. Oh my, he loves to dig, and he loves to play in water. So, you can about imagine what he looks like when he 'digs' in that water! Oh.. brother! Out in front of his shed, I think he is trying to dig to China. And, he is quite the bird dog. He can chase them down like crazy. So far, he has not tried to kill himself off since Christmas. He is just a goofball, but we love him.


I was taking my daily walk around Spring Lake Park today and there was some new little ducklings. Aren't they just the cutest! Spring has Sprung!
Come to think of it, I think that I am starting to look like them waddling around!

Meeting Morgan

Meeting Morgan at Easter was just the hightlight of our weekend. Jesselyn was home for awhile and joined us. Morgan is the newest baby in the family. She is just as beautiful as the day is long. Just so beautiful. Morgan is Nicole's first child, Nicole is LaRae's first child and LaRae is the first born to Carolyn. Now that is a chain of beautiful ladies.
This is Paulette, Carolyn's sister with Morgan. Easter was just full of beautiful ladies!

While at Ed and Patty's house on Sunday, Morgan and I had a lovely little snooze, right after her Easter Lunch and just before mine! She snuggled in so much that I could not help myself but to fall asleep too. It was absolutely wonderful.