Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mother's Day

Geez- I almost forgot! For Mother's Day Jess and I went to Denison and meet Mom, Trisa and Shyann. We had lunch and then went over to Bomgaar's shopping. I forgot to take a pic outside the restaurant, so we took over at Bomgaars in the parking lot. It was funny. So, we used the timer on the camera for the shot. That was so funny. People I am sure thought we were nuts, especially the people who wanted in their car while we used it for the backdrop! ha ha We all wish that Lisa could have made it...but she had important things to attend at church that day. So, hopefully we can all get together this month at the reunion for the Bain family. I plan to go unless something comes up. I want to see lots of people! Can just make a weekend out of it all.

BUG Update

I don't have any pictures, just info for the Bug in the oven. I saw the doctor on the 20th of May and did the glucose tolerance test. I passed with flying colors! My visit was during the 26th week of pregnancy and my belly measured 28 cm. So baby is slightly larger than the week count. Everything checked out well- blood pressure was good, I had not gained any weight and the baby's heartbeat was strong. I still have very little to no swelling, which is so surprising to me. I am starting to feel pressure in the rib cage and sides. I feel huge, but most say I look great. I think everyone is just being kind. The baby still does not enjoy my sitting down. It just kicks and moves all day while I am at work, sitting at my desk. It kicks while driving in the truck. I tried to set the seat back further, but I feel sorta stupid- like I am cruisin' the hood, and should be blastin' some rap music. Ha I am usually still worn out by 5pm, but still truck to the lake and do a lap or two for exercise during good weather. I really hate getting up in the morning. Seems like even early bedtimes do not help. I am forcing the water still, and eating lots of cool fruits and trying my hand at making smoothies here at home. I can not eat much at one time....not much room in there anymore. Jesselyn and I made it to the prenatal classes last month. She swears she is never going to have children after that first night. (birth videos!!) I was over come shortly before class with the thought of being the 'old woman' in the group- let alone being the only person who brings their 19 year child with them to class as a partner, rather than my husband! Well, I was the oldest for sure, I swear there was a 12 year old there! And I was the only "repeat offender" tagged by the teacher. I had more fun watching Jesselyn and hearing her reactions to the info presented to us. Most of it started to come back to me.....so I have been mentally preparing myself to know that I have done this before and I CAN DO IT AGAIN! I hope that maybe Kent will be close enough in July to attend at least the first night of class.....I can make it through again, he needs to learn about what will be taking place during labor, and what I will be needing of him. Well see how his schedule goes. He is working close by over at Westfield, which is an hour from the house, on the S Dakota border. He is actually be home each night, but plans on spending the rest of this week over there. So, just will be me and Jess here at the house. We can do mac and cheese and fruit for supper!!! yippee!

Me & My Men!

May 15th we went to Winnevegas again with Rick, Karma, Pandora and Dana to see Jake Owen in concert. That was fun, and afterward he did an autograph photo session. So, here I am with Jake, he is just too cute. Then May 23rd we went to Sanborn to Geoff Klump's graduation party and Aunt Ruby snapped a "pregnant" pic for us.... and well, Jake is cute, but check out daddy to be, now that is my man!!

A Little Weekend Fun

Well, this weekend was loaded with some more fun.....we had the Rodeo in Cherokee we went to on Friday, followed by a concert by Iowa native Shawn Mayer. She was the 3rd place winner on Nashville Star.
Sunday was full of sunshine and
fun over at Jerry and Carolyn's house. Barb,
Jeff and Jack were here along with Zach & Kristi, oh and we got to meet Edgar the dog this trip too. So, the whole family was there. Including the cutie pie above, Morgan. We celebrated some birthdays too with some ymmy ice cream cake. The kids played in the pool, it was in the 90's that day, but the wind was fierce! I was not going in that is for sure! It was fun to see the part of the family that lives so far away, but it was just one day on their way to more vacationing. Bullet needs to take some tips from Edgar, he knows lots of tricks, compared to Bullets 3!
I took advantage of time spent with Morgan and took a turn at a diaper! I did okay! Kent played with Morgan some, but won't hold her....afraid he might break her or she will spit on him. What a dope! What are we going to do with him!