Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mother's Day

Geez- I almost forgot! For Mother's Day Jess and I went to Denison and meet Mom, Trisa and Shyann. We had lunch and then went over to Bomgaar's shopping. I forgot to take a pic outside the restaurant, so we took over at Bomgaars in the parking lot. It was funny. So, we used the timer on the camera for the shot. That was so funny. People I am sure thought we were nuts, especially the people who wanted in their car while we used it for the backdrop! ha ha We all wish that Lisa could have made it...but she had important things to attend at church that day. So, hopefully we can all get together this month at the reunion for the Bain family. I plan to go unless something comes up. I want to see lots of people! Can just make a weekend out of it all.

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