Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Little Weekend Fun

Well, this weekend was loaded with some more fun.....we had the Rodeo in Cherokee we went to on Friday, followed by a concert by Iowa native Shawn Mayer. She was the 3rd place winner on Nashville Star.
Sunday was full of sunshine and
fun over at Jerry and Carolyn's house. Barb,
Jeff and Jack were here along with Zach & Kristi, oh and we got to meet Edgar the dog this trip too. So, the whole family was there. Including the cutie pie above, Morgan. We celebrated some birthdays too with some ymmy ice cream cake. The kids played in the pool, it was in the 90's that day, but the wind was fierce! I was not going in that is for sure! It was fun to see the part of the family that lives so far away, but it was just one day on their way to more vacationing. Bullet needs to take some tips from Edgar, he knows lots of tricks, compared to Bullets 3!
I took advantage of time spent with Morgan and took a turn at a diaper! I did okay! Kent played with Morgan some, but won't hold her....afraid he might break her or she will spit on him. What a dope! What are we going to do with him!

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