Friday, April 9, 2010

Baptism bound

My luck has finally turned around this week. It started out with the worst luck ever....even a flat tire thrown in there! But tonight something as simple as a pair of shoes has changed my luck...first off I found the infant ring that Lisa V was looking for to give to Kenda for baptism...perfect! Score! And then I went off to find me some shoes to wear...perfect comfy shoes...and not too spendy...when BOGO 1/2 off.....I got the perfect score in overtime, last second swish at the buzzer.... eyelet lace covered shoes for Kenda to match her dress! Can you believe it! I was so pumped. Now, if suddenly a clean my house fairy could ever so quietly land while i am snoozin' and finish up the task for me....which I should be doing right now rather than this, but everyone else is sleeping. Shhh.  John arrives tomorrow. I can hardly wait. He cut his hair. Dang- another big score. Dad and Kathy arrive too, then mom, Tom and Linda to follow on Saturday. Then PJ (Princess Jesse should arrive saturday too!  In the finer words of my son .....WHOOT!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just One of THOSE Days

Ya ever just had one of those days....ya know it will be bad and long, and there is not a dang thing you can do about it as it hits you like a bug on a windshield....I hate when those days come along. I hate being the bug! Today was that for me. I knew work was going to be intense. I knew I was going to be tired, since hubby, not baby, pulled a late one and caused me to lose sleep. Finally get the baby to sleep thru a night and the other baby has to pull a stupid stunt. UG! It was cool, damp and windy...just the perfect setting for a long ass draggin day.....and everything was going just as  fate would have it...intense, tired and frustrated...when doing the best I could with what I had for today....I made a big mental note to myself....NOTE TO SELF:  when you already wore jeans that are too tight, and Mother Nature brings Aunt Flo by for a routine visit....DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT eat a whole bag of popcorn for your just ain't gonna fly.....ladies, I am sharing my mental note with those who might need it...please be my guest and use it...if I can help but one frustrated soul....I feel complete! on!

Monday, April 5, 2010

You've Got the Cutest Little Baby Face

Isn't this just the most adorable face you have ever seen? She should be in the movies, commercials and magazines!

Easter 2010

This little gal made Easter this year all the more fun. No, she did not run around a yard and find easter eggs, or jump with joy at the sight of her Easter Basket....but she did hunt up some eggs with the help of older cousin Tyler and she will find enjoyment in the new board book hiding in her Easter Basket....and she made this little inexpensive dress look like a million bucks. She was so cute for church in it...she invoked many smiles in the pews and she looked around with her dancing blue eyes. I had no more than told Jesselyn that she was usually quiet in church and just seemed to enjoy looking around at the people...when she decided to sing with the choir and speak her baby jabbers very loud, competing with Rev. Saylor. It was so sweet though. It turned out to be a nice enough Sunday that she could be outside to hunt a couple of eggs at Doris and Rusty's annual Egg Hunt and then off to Ed and Patty's to enjoy the heck out of a couple 4 Wheeler Rides with Uncle Aaron. Oh brother did she enjoy that! She is most definately a Smith, no doubt! Her and Morgan had a heck of a good time at Jerry & Caroly's on Saturday...finding their little "chick" Easter eggs and sporting new matching outfits. ( I think Jesselyn might have been jealous) I think Kenda was watching Morgan crawl that whole day...I want her to crawl....I think! It was fun to watch them interact...they are just not sure what to do with one another! Ya know, the fingers in the eyes, nose and ears....of the other girl of course. They will love to play together....when they figure out how!