Friday, April 9, 2010

Baptism bound

My luck has finally turned around this week. It started out with the worst luck ever....even a flat tire thrown in there! But tonight something as simple as a pair of shoes has changed my luck...first off I found the infant ring that Lisa V was looking for to give to Kenda for baptism...perfect! Score! And then I went off to find me some shoes to wear...perfect comfy shoes...and not too spendy...when BOGO 1/2 off.....I got the perfect score in overtime, last second swish at the buzzer.... eyelet lace covered shoes for Kenda to match her dress! Can you believe it! I was so pumped. Now, if suddenly a clean my house fairy could ever so quietly land while i am snoozin' and finish up the task for me....which I should be doing right now rather than this, but everyone else is sleeping. Shhh.  John arrives tomorrow. I can hardly wait. He cut his hair. Dang- another big score. Dad and Kathy arrive too, then mom, Tom and Linda to follow on Saturday. Then PJ (Princess Jesse should arrive saturday too!  In the finer words of my son .....WHOOT!

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