Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hip Business

Harrison's office called and asked me to come in to see her...in regard to hip. I swear I must look like a Weeble Wobble walking around! I walked around the plant today while the guys were at lunch- that helps keeping it mobile- which is rather hard at my job! Sit Sit Sit.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Still Some Sort of Hip

Well- I had to go see the Chiropractor again today- and my left hip is still out and seems to be as stubborn as I am and just won't go back in place. So, I get to ice it 4 times a day, use BioFreeze and try to walk as much as I can. Going to call doc tomorrow for suggestions as to what we might do to make this better. I can not sit too long, stand too long or lay down too long. Rather bothersome! Not sure at all how it came to be out of place, who could know. All I do know, it that I want to fix it as soon as we can, it hurts.

City Lights...Women's Night Feb 28th

RJ Thomas girls had a table reserved for the Ladies Night Out at Witt- we had 8 places, so I asked my friends Karma and Lisa to come. The speaker for the night was Pat McGill, "Where is my Tiara"- so yea, those are flashing tiaras on our heads! They were a hoot! There was a marketplace with local vendors, a fabulous supper and then the speaker. She was great. Christy Batien from KTIV news was the emcee for the evening. We had a great time and brought home a lot of information and new attitudes with us that night. I encourage anyone to go see this gal if she is anywhere close to you. She is a good self esteem builder. I am a princess!!!!!
Front row is Karma, Donna and Brenda Back row is Paula, me, Lisa and Karen. You can't see my tummy there very much I guess, but it is stickin' out some.