Tuesday, July 28, 2009

36th week- 4 more to go (July 28th)

This is too funny. I asked Kent to take my picture outside tonight for the pregnancy journal and blog. I guess Bullet was feeling a little left out and wondering what we were doing.....Kent did not notice that last picture there where Bullet was making sure I was not hiding anymore sweet corn under my shirt!

That silly dog loves sweet corn as much as I do. Got to watch him while you shuck it or he will be gone in a flash with it. Oh, this is so funny, I am still laughing. I think that last picture has to go into the pregnancy journal.

Great UnExpected Visit

Suddenly last Wednesday I got a text from Laura, they were coming up for an equipment sale in Aurelia- and were going to stay in Cherokee for the night...could I suggest a place and would I be around for a visit. YEAH! So, I booked them a room....and we went in for supper to hang out with her and Craig. She finally got to meet Kent and he and Craig talked about farming all night long. It was super. Except for that issue at the hotel! (wink wink to Laura) Kent was running the camera.....he needs more practise...this was the only pic that we were both looking at him and not talking.

Lovely Ladies

Here is the gal that keeps me in check while pregnant and not, Jane Schmellon, my hair care professional! She is a blast. I tell her that I can not be walkin around with white hair running wild all over when I am about to have a baby for cryin out loud....she takes care of it as you can see. She is fun. She has even flown out and done hair for people on the Amerian Idol show...... wow- next time I better just tell her to give me the "Idol Treatment"!

At the end of June I traveled back south for a Bain side family reunion. It was fun. I got to see lots of family...not as much as I wanted, but it was great. It was even a cool weekend. I did not however see Lisa's kids....they were up here in Sioux City while I was down there...that stunk. I got to see my friend Steph too, that was fun...I even made it to see fireworks in Riverton, something I have not done before- even in those 40 years of livin' in southwest Iowa. Ha! You can see me and my sisters in the pic, and I met little Hunter Jones for the first time. He is so little and I thought he looked like his grandpa Jon. I can tell you tho, he is going places with those big eyes. He is my cousin Trudy's daughter's baby. Trudy, God rest your soul, I know you are smiling huge up there when you look down upon this handsome little one. My baby started kicking when Hunter was sittin there on the 'baby shelf"- that was funny. I also got to hang out some with Natalie and Nicole as you can see in the other pic. Those twins are just still growing- and busy! They wore me out just telling me all the things they had going for the summer. Holy cow. I hope that Shannon is gearing up for when the boys come knocking at his door- at double the pace! Ha Ha.....I best go back and find that picture of Denise's grandson...oh he is a cutie pie too....I will find that and add it in. Big huge brown eyes....heartbreaker in the makin'. I hear we are going to plan this reunion for every other year! Good. I am glad, it is good to see family.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Count Down is on

Hello all- I know the whole idea behind this was to keep posting more than I do- but what can I say- I am old and tired- and ready to have a baby. Some say it has gone fast....yeah those of which are not achy, swollen, tired, peeing every 5 minutes and hot all the time, or are having their bladder used as a trampoline! Those who sleep well all night can say my pregnancy has gone fast....and when I think of all thing I have yet to accomplish before B day- well you are right. But, when I am tossing & turning all night, up and down, in and out of the bathroom, sleeping on the couch for the most part- well, that is when I decide that is had drug on forever!

I go to see the doc on this coming Friday. Last visit, I was doing great still. Blood pressure was 110 over 70, my normal and my weight gained was about 12 pounds total at that point. I have started the swelling in the feet and ankles...sometimes it looks really ugly- today we not so bad. I have started going to the truck at lunch time and laying the back seat and popping my legs up and out the window to curb the swelling....I have created a few chuckles I am sure. I still go most days to the lake for a lap or two after work, I think that is the key to keeping the swelling down and pounds off...but it sure tuckers me out.

Kent has still been home most nights...working in Hinton over by Sx City. I love having him here-I just hate cooking each night.....I got kinda spoiled not doing that for some time. I got him to agree to going to one prenatal class with me....signed us up....he got off work early, cleaned up and met me in town.....ONLY to find out that they did not put us on the list, therefore we did not get the call that morning telling us that class was cancelled due to low participants.........UG! He was offered to see the maternity wing, which was going to be good, until we found out someone was in there in labor....so we kindly declined. The gal said, just have him read the book you got last time you were here......yeah right! If it can not be read in a bathroom visit- it ain't gonna get read!

Jesse is still working the pool and Hy Vee and being the typical home from college kid. Staying out late and doing things she should not....but what can I say.... John is well, and currently working two jobs until his time is up at Barnes & Noble- he took a different job over and Java House.. it is closer to his apt and I think he is going to like that better. He took his L-SAT, but he says he did not like his score...and will be taking it over in a few months, I think he told me September. I am sure it was not that bad- but with John, good it not enuf....which is ok....I just don't want him to kill himself off as an over achiever.

I have some pictures I wanted to add.....but just realized as I got my big self up here on the second floor with memory card in hand, that my transfer thingy ma jig is out side in my bag in the truck....and I am not going down, out and in and up tonight....stairs seem to do this gal in. So, I will do that tomorrow. Promise. I want to get a pic ea week for my journal....so I can load those are here too...I know the best part is the pictures...I think so too.

Alright....I would say it is past my bed time...and it is....but I won't sleep anyway- but I best get out of this chair and lay down. Sitting all day tends to lead to that swelling in the legs, ankles and feet....so I can tell I sat here too long already..... hope you like the new look of the blog- looks more summer like....not a lot of options, but something a bit brighter for the season.

OH- by the way- NO we do not know the sex of the baby yet and NO, doc has not scheduled that next ultra sound.....we'll see what happens this Friday.