Tuesday, July 28, 2009

At the end of June I traveled back south for a Bain side family reunion. It was fun. I got to see lots of family...not as much as I wanted, but it was great. It was even a cool weekend. I did not however see Lisa's kids....they were up here in Sioux City while I was down there...that stunk. I got to see my friend Steph too, that was fun...I even made it to see fireworks in Riverton, something I have not done before- even in those 40 years of livin' in southwest Iowa. Ha! You can see me and my sisters in the pic, and I met little Hunter Jones for the first time. He is so little and I thought he looked like his grandpa Jon. I can tell you tho, he is going places with those big eyes. He is my cousin Trudy's daughter's baby. Trudy, God rest your soul, I know you are smiling huge up there when you look down upon this handsome little one. My baby started kicking when Hunter was sittin there on the 'baby shelf"- that was funny. I also got to hang out some with Natalie and Nicole as you can see in the other pic. Those twins are just still growing- and busy! They wore me out just telling me all the things they had going for the summer. Holy cow. I hope that Shannon is gearing up for when the boys come knocking at his door- at double the pace! Ha Ha.....I best go back and find that picture of Denise's grandson...oh he is a cutie pie too....I will find that and add it in. Big huge brown eyes....heartbreaker in the makin'. I hear we are going to plan this reunion for every other year! Good. I am glad, it is good to see family.

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