Thursday, June 18, 2009

Went for a check up a while ago- baby is 29 cm at 29 weeks...right where it should be. I only gained 2 pounds...but this baby feels like 10 in there. Blood pressure and heart rate is fine, and the baby's heartbeat was good too. I will go sooner this next visit. I go again July 3rd, and then again in 2 week intervals for a bit then down to the weekly visits. We will have an ultra sound again, but the doctor will not give me a date. So, yes when we get to have that we will find out the sex. Trying to start getting some of the things we will need right away here and done. I just still seem so tired at night, I don't feel like doing too much. Humidity found northern Iowa hard the last few days- and man, that has really drained me. So, I will have to try to work hard this coming weekend to get stuff done. Kent has been home each night, working over at the s Dakota border, but now working over at Hinton starting this week. He got to feel the baby with the hiccups the other night, he thought that was cool.

John got his L-SAT test taken just before his 21st birthday. Wow that was a long test, and he is relieved to have it done. And happy to be a 'legal". I wish I could have been with him to celebrate. He will find out his score on the test at the end of the month. Long wait for him. I will pass that on later when we find out. I can feel it in my heart, that he did just fine!

Kent has some new farm equipment- and I will share pictures of that is late and hotter than you know what up here in this room. Time to put Bullet to bed and then me and the BUG!

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