Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, Here we are, mid October on a cold and snowing morning. YUK, I guess we just got to take what we get. Kenda is an unofficial 12# now...and from the looks of it, it has almost all gone to her CHEEKS!! I think they are getting bigger. What do ya'll think? As you can see, she is now smiling. She has been for a couple weeks. Big gummy grins. She loves to grin in the mornings after her morning milk the most.
She is doing better with the rash on her face. Doc VandeLune said it was nothing to worry about and we are applying some really great cream. It is better than it was.

Don't ya just love this shirt???!! If you can't read it very well, it says I love my Mummy...ha. Pandora found it for the shower. It is just so cute. She has a couple more so she is ready for the Halloween season. No costume just yet, but we will.
She is holding her head up more and more, even though she did a good job of it when she was born. She still likes sleeping on her side the most, but will manage to sleep well on her back. She will take a bottle of breast milk from others, and even daddy if we are not home. She is sharp, she knows when we are not here and when we are. So, I hope that she will be a good girl for Vera her sitter. She was a good girl for grandma Carolyn on Friday. I had my appt at the doctors office and she stayed with Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Jerry for that time. She drank her bottle. It was ok to leave her there, it did not bother me so much as I thought, but it was family. That makes a big difference. I already started crying again last night because she goes to the sitter for the first time tomorrow afternoon. We are going to visit Vera this afternoon and meet her and take her diapers and wipes. I hate the thought of tomorrow and taking her to the sitter. It is gonna kill me. I wish her daddy had more sympathy for me....even if he wont change things, a little compassion would sure help. He has no clue, not one about how this is tearing me up inside.
I wish the poor little thing had more of a schedule or routine but she does not. She is sleeping for longer periods of time at night. And she did hit the hay a little earlier the past two nights. I spend a lot of time making sure she is not sleeping all day to be up all night. I have to be sure the sitter understands that too. And, I get to train daddy into taking his turn now that momma is heading back to work. I have to say this is much much much tougher at 43 than it was at 23. I get so tired I could just vomit. Hopefully as time goes on and she sleeps longer at night we will all be better. I think if I could get her to take a nice big warm bottle at night she would do way better, but like I said she does not like that at home, so it will be a big struggle at the point where we make that happen.
Well, I best go and wake up sleeping beauty. We need to get ready to go to town. Post office and to see Vera after that. Suppose to be warm up to a balmy 40 degrees this afternoon. Whoot! I think we are waiting for that to happen. I don't have to go out before then, so we won't. Tomorrow is a different story altogether. I will make it up again later for adding pictures from the baby shower we had in Cherokee. It was super and we have some great pictures.

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