Monday, August 10, 2009

Mother Nature Rules

Friday 7th was a regular routine doc visit- or so I thought. I went to appt before work at 8. I had lost a pound, and my blood pressure was up for me to 130 over 80- which is not high by standards, just higher than I had been. The baby was moving a lot and doctor had little trouble getting a heart rate...and what she could get was a tad high, obviously from the moving around. Suddenly she decides that I need the ultra sound and non stress test done and made the appts, that day, starting at 9:30, it was 8:45 when that happened. I ran to the bank and tried to call Kent on the answer! I left him a msg that I had test to do. Ultra sound first... everything seemed fine there and Mary said that ultra sound says that baby weighed in at 7 pounds 5 oz....good size....smaller than the last kid, that is good!!! So, then off to the non stress test in the OB dept of the hospital. I was feeling fine and told the nurse about having the test with Jesselyn, and that I could not feel the contractions she was so big....blah blah blah.....while she hooked me up to the lovely little monitors. So, I am there about 10 minutes, Darla, the nurse/supervisor pulls up the test tape and says to me.......your story is about to repeat itself! I said what? Yeah, you are having contracts at about 3 minutes apart- did you not know that again? I just laughed, til she showed me the test tape and sure enuf, there was the proof that I am still an idiot at 43! I told her that I had these "feelings" for some time now and thought it was just the BUG settling in a ball on the right side....not a contraction for crying out loud. So, there I sat for hours hooked up to that machine - all the while contracting.....awaiting response for the doctor. Darla did an exam and said I was dilated between a 1 and a 2. Finally the doc showed up around lunch time and did exam...I was doing some bleeding from the exams....little concerned she seems, but I was much more concerned. I swear there was an elbow in there at one point! Doc decided that I should have an IV bag of fluids, that this will sometimes make the contractions go away if they are not productive, gonna have a baby contractions.....ok, Whatever. So, that takes like 2.5 there I lay, try to snooze....not working that well for TV, wow day time TV sucks! Yes, I have talked to Kent by then to let him know all the details.....he is still working over at Hinton. I told him I was fine and in no pain, so don't rush over. He likes that idea. The contractions never seem to go away w/ the fluids.....still waiting on the doc. Finally I got to walk around a bit and see all the rooms I could choose from...there are 3, and they are very nice! I walked for a while, IV in tow. Then that battery when out, so back to my room to sit. Doc calls over & says give me more fluid, monitor couple more hours , feed me and send me home. UG! I missed a whole day of work....not that that kills me mind you.....just was not in my plan....if I am gonna miss work or play hooky- it needs to be for more that sittin in a hosp room alone all day for what seems like nothin! So, I got out of the hosp at 6, ran to drug store and then home.....Jesse was working and Kent was hauling gravel to the house. I was feeling fine, so just hung out here, and Kent brought me pizza. I continued to have contractions all weekend and even today....just not 3 minutes apart. Just when ever......and they are getting lower on the we will just have to see what goes. Oh- by the way....I had Mary the gal who did the ultra sound write the sex of the baby down, and seal in an envelope- I did not what to find out w/out Kent......brought it is still sealed....Kent won't decide what to do with it.....driving me and Jesse crazy....and he is enjoying that too....the poop. I guess we waited this long we could wait a little more.....but I wanted to start the sign for the yard.....and do a baby registry on line.....oh well..........

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  1. Rhonda, glad to hear the updates! Only week 39, you are doing great! Colin made me wait another two weeks past my due date before I threatened my Dr with bodily harm if they did not enduce me. I think my husband crying about the evil prego lady is what really made them decide though. LOL!
    Hey, if you tooth is causing that much pain?
    I went through all of that, Like a dummy, I did let them do the root canal, WTH I had good insurance. Then I ended up with even more pain and two more jobs on the same tooth, it took me a year and I don't know how many $$ & visits to the Dentist before I cried Uncle and just paid them the $80.00 to pull the stupid thing! Instant relief! Personnaly, I will never have another root canal. Just some more info for you to think about when you are deciding what to do.
    Gee - thanks! huh?
    You take care of yourself & BUG!
    Rena Richardson.