Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekly Update Week #37

OK, I did not think I looked that bad until I saw this photo. Geeeezzzzz! I am huge and big! I was at the fax machine at work today and Donna thought it was cute and took my pic. They all seem to giggle when I am at the fax or the file cabinet and can not get really close. Oh well, they are right, it is funny to look at.
Doc visit went well, blood pressure at 120 over 70, only gained one pound (can not believe that after all the sweet corn I have eaten lately!!) baby measures in at 37 cm and the it's heart rate was 144. Little higher than before, but good. My bood test (hemoglobin) was fine and they did some other test- will know later on that one. For some infection that can hurt the baby....but is only treated during labor. Seems weird. Still swelling, but it does go down at night. Here is the kicker I did not want to hear at all: Doc says my cervix is closed up tight like a clam, soft, but shut! Serious. So, I say- what does that mean? Yeah, don't think you will go any sooner than those last 3 remaining weeks, and maybe even 4. You might be looking at induced labor if you don't get rolling soon. Walk more...and well, another suggestion I won't share- but some of you may know what she said. Walk I see her this coming Friday we'll just see what I can come up with by then.
Carolyn (mother n law) has completed the painting on the garage...I did get to help some this Saturday...what I could looks so much better now. Now she is on a roll to finish up the landscaping that she and I started last summer and that Kent added to this summer. She got Kent to move dirt Sunday and so the process begins. I think she will be here diggin' in the dirt tomorrow while I am at work. Wish I could help more, but I just can not.
Funny story- here I was this morning, working on the computer to get John's FAFSA completed that was held up due to my pin #- anyway- here I am trying to work on this, my senior in college, the night before was helping Jesse get books on line for her second year- all the while counting down weeks to my baby.....good God what was I thinking!!!???? I had to laugh. The lady on the other end of the live chat was nice, and I told her that doing this was not on my To- DO list this week, since I was having a baby in three weeks....she sorta disappeared.....think I shocked her or something?
I got to go, it is too hot up here and the feet are swelling in this sitting position after standing in the kitchen doing dishes for Will post any fun stuff or pics....and will keep you informed on the doc visit. Take care ya'll!

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