Sunday, September 20, 2009

We had our first big event on the 12th- Matt and Liz's
Wedding. Kenda got a new dress to wear from Grandma Carolyn
and she looked fabulous. She posed with Bachy and Lisa and after
Sleeping thru the whole wedding and most of the reception, she
woke up for the party time. So,

Patty got to see her with her eyes open. Big sis
Jesse was here, so we posed real quick for a snap shot.
Once she was awake, she stayed that way for a long time, and did not seem to mind the very loud music. I did
so we told daddy it was time to go...little missy stayed up until 1:30 that was one dead head the next day. Sunday was spent lying on
the couch!

Well, can you believe that tomorrow will mark Kenda's 4th week!!!! Oh how time flies. You have to forgive me for not posting so is not my fault. My lovely little daughter has built in radar for two eating....and me on the computer. I have started two or three different times...and just then.....wwwaaaaaaa from down stairs and I just cancel out and go tend to her. She does not understand that I am trying to share her pics...only that she is hungry. Geezzzz.

So, here it is after 11 pm and I am cutting my sleeping time way down, but I just wanted to share some pics......she sleeps about 2 hrs at a time thus far....and sometimes that does not start until midnight...depends on how the day went.
In the pictures above, she is with Dr Harrison, on her first check up. She had gained 2 pounds and had grew 1/2 an inch...! Wow, I never would have seen that coming. She slept through the entire appt, even being undressed, weighed and poked. is the truck ride to town that does it. Knocks her out for a long time. Many ppl still think she never opens her eyes. The other pic is daddy giving her the first bottle. She did well, as did daddy. She did not so well with another bottle a few days later....but we are working on it. The other pics are just some shots....I love her little feet. Daddy says they are monkey feet, cuz if you touch them, she grips her little itty bitty toes on to you- and of course like babies are, she is very she can "fold" them in tight to her body....she likes them rubbed, just like her daddy likes his feet rubbed.....
Well, that is going to be it for this moment I better just stay up...cuz momma's little milk mug should be thinking she is starving in about 30 minutes, give or take a few. So, I will try again tomorrow for updates and more pics...she had her first visit to the clay county fair on friday, which was also the first stroller use.....that went well also. She has the cadillac of strollers from Grandpa Jerry and Grandma was great. Thank you Jerry and Carolyn....the stroller was perfect.

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