Thursday, August 20, 2009

Countin' Down Week # 39

SOMEONE posted these pics just outside my cubicle at work! Hhmmm....Paula, could you tell me who did this?? One was from the wedding shower for Matt and Liz and the other is from over the weekend when Kent & I were at Jake and Megan Nolls wedding reception. I was trying to see what was happenin' on the dance floor, and well, fell SHORT, so i climbed up on a chair to see- using Kent to stabilize me in the front! We even danced, but could not coax BUG out! (I do believe I have Aunt Ruby to thank for the pics....)
This week I still have some trouble with that tooth. Called the dentist on Tues for some advise and help- besides being told I should have had the root canal- they gave me antibiotics. This morning when I woke up- it was bleeding and oozing. YUK! But, it stopped quickly and I made it to work. Dentist said to keep up the meds and let them know if not better today....and it did get better - the meds kicked in. The swelling is going down and the pressure & pain have lessened. So, I see doctor Harrison tomorrow bright and early at 8- I can fill her in then. She was not around today. Other than that--- still in the holding pattern.
Ya'll have to help me out tho- what shall I say when I see someone and they say to my face- "Still have not had that baby yet?" UG! Seriously- just look at me, does it look like I had the baby???? I need a quick funny come back!
Jesse is turning 20 tomorrow! Oh, my baby is that went fast. She bought some Winnie Pooh blankets yesterday for BUG- she soooooo wants to know what this baby is, and ready to steal the sealed envelope and go for it! She washed up the few clothes we have here at the house today, so that we can have something packed for the hospital and coming home. It looks so little compared to all of our stuff......... she is really gettin' excited too....I think she wants it to be here so she can spend some time before she is off to is so sweet to hear.
Off I go, I need to make sure we have all the addresses listed in my black book of life so that we can update ya'll from the hospital.....don't worry we will. Rhonda & Bug

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