Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Progress Report

Well....no I have not had that baby yet. I went to the doctor last Friday- and well, at first my blood pressure was high, but we took it again later and it had went down. It might have been due to the fact that my appt was at 1:00- doc was in the ER and the OB dept with someone in labor- so I finally went in after 3, saw her after4 and was out the door on the was to 5. Never made it back to work from that appt either! So, I gained back the pound I lost and baby was growing but measured about the same. It moves around, so hard to get an accurate measurement. I was not dilated any longer...clammed back up as doc likes to describe it. Lovely- guess I will really see that due date or beyond. She asked me if I wanted an order to cut my work hours...but I can do that with out a note...half of my co workers are trying to shove me out the door now. What is with that? I can work as long as I can....once I am gone, so is the income for that moment. People seem to think I am crazy still working. Some ppl seem to think I should be home in bed- what the hell- that would just make me lazy and weak for delivery. I still walk when I can. It makes my back hurt like heck and tighten up - but it is suppose to be good for me.

My stupid tooth that needs pulled or repaired (dentist says root canal, I say shove that idea!!)- well it just HAD to flare up in the past few days. I called and got an antibiotic today- could not take it anymore and well, figured it would not get better with out some help. Had to hear AGAIN how it would not have been a big deal, just a like a filling, to get that root canal done and would not bother my pregnancy. Yeah right- ever heard of Murphy's law people??? I probably wont ever have that root canal done anyhow- just pull it and replace with a lovely partial plate...no need to rotor rooter my tooth then cap it- when there is only about a quarter of it left anyhow. So, Iam hoping to at least rid myself of that pain before my labor pains begin!

John and Jesse have finally both got the financial aide info right on the FAFSA info, and turned into school and gettin ready for that. Some how this year, BOTH of them had errors on their reports....what a nightmare! But both the have fixed the problems mostly themselves....Jesse starts on the first, and will head out for campus on the 30th, that Sunday before. John I think starts sometime next week. He is all wigged out that I will have the baby his first week of school and will make it hard for him to visit. When ever he gets here will be fine. He ran down all his plans for study, law test, this class and that....and of course lost me in the process....good thing he is the smart one! Just proud that he is thinking ahead, planning and doing so well....he is just a wonderful young man...

Well, all for tonight, I really am tired as usual. I need to hit the hay- even tho I have cleaning that needs done, cookies to bake and laundry to do....it will be there tomorrow. I will leave work early to get a jump start on the evening!

Good night all......best wishes to you all! More to come later!

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