Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meeting Morgan

Meeting Morgan at Easter was just the hightlight of our weekend. Jesselyn was home for awhile and joined us. Morgan is the newest baby in the family. She is just as beautiful as the day is long. Just so beautiful. Morgan is Nicole's first child, Nicole is LaRae's first child and LaRae is the first born to Carolyn. Now that is a chain of beautiful ladies.
This is Paulette, Carolyn's sister with Morgan. Easter was just full of beautiful ladies!

While at Ed and Patty's house on Sunday, Morgan and I had a lovely little snooze, right after her Easter Lunch and just before mine! She snuggled in so much that I could not help myself but to fall asleep too. It was absolutely wonderful.



  1. You look wonderful! congrats

  2. Wish I was closer to come and give you a big hug!! You look great and happy........MA