Tuesday, May 5, 2009

BUG in my Belly

Help- I have a BUG in my belly!!! A Baby of Unknown Gender that is!
This week marks the sixth month! Can you believe it! My last doc visit in April, my belly measured 22 cm at 22 weeks, right on target. The baby's heartbeat was about 150, and I only gained about 3 pounds, for a total of about 6 thus far. Not bad for an old woman. I have a few 'growing aches' here and there, but nothing drastic. I have heartburn most everyday. BUG is quite the mover and shaker. BUG is less that fond of my sitting position- which is required about 85% of my day at work. I am not sure if my bladder and other vital organs will last thru a few more months of constant kicking during the day! Better an active baby than not I am sure...and I welcome the movement. Kent has felt it, and he just grins. I can see it when it jumps around, but Kent is way too impatient to watch that long to see it. He can only see my breathing movements...he is too funny.
I apologize for these terrible pics. I took them of me by myself! That would have made the top 10 of America's Funniest Home Videos! Trust me! I will see about getting someone else to take the others from now on.

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