Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Up Too Late Update!

I have been playing around as you can see. I am gettin somewhat better, but hey it is 1:45 am, what can I say! I wanted to post at least this video from the beginning of the month. TShe is having her first taste of rice baby cereal. She did quite well really. She has her cereal each night around 8pm before bed, so she can sleep all night. Or suppose to any how. She has her moments. She is a night owl. She started today at Vera's having cereal too. She must not be a morning eater yet, Vera said she would not take it in the morning, it had to be later after lunch time. Ha, I could not get her to take it in the morning over the weekend either. She is so cute. She just turned 5 months old on January 24th, can you believe it. I certainly am having a hard time. She went to doc just the other day with a rash- turns out she has Eczema. We went to get some spendy cream and it healed up great and her dry skin patches are healing too. She is sleeping better also, I think she was really itchy before since she wiggled so much. She has slowed down on the wiggles too, so finally some peace at night. I make sure she has the cream twice a day all over and then hit the patches of dry at diaper changes. We also discovered why mommy's back hurts alot...I am luggin' around a 16 pound little chunk! I could hardly believe it myself. She certainly grows in spurts. She has the chubbiest legs, her little tiny feet sorta look funny at the end of the chunky legs. She has been sitting on her own just a little now. She can balance for a couple of minutes if she does not look around too much, that throws her off balance. She is still messin' around trying to wiggle into a crawl. She pulls her legs up under her more and more each day. She has mastered the roll over Great now, and can go from tummy to back and back to tummy or just roll over twice. She is gettin that down very well. It is so wonderful to just watch her. I have another video or two to post, but I need to get to bed, so I will try that tomorrow night or so. I have tons of pics also, from the holidays- but I will just post the cutest ones! Promise!

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