Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a quick up date from our house tonight. I added real quick a picture of Kenda's new diggs. I bought a crib last weekend, and I do believe I got a great deal for this second hand crib. It is very nice and then of course I needed some fun stuff for the inside...and it ended up Pooh bear of course. She likes it  a lot as you can see. She covers almost every square inch of it each night!

Now, for the not so fun news. Sunday night we took Kenda to the ER. She was coughing and sleeping more than usual and was crying yet lathargic at the same time. It was very scary. So, they did do the test on her for RSV since it is going around a lot here and she did test positive. I think that we caught it very early. They gave us a nebulizer to use at home four times a day. Other than that it has to run it's own course. She is not drinking as well as she should. They want her to take in fluids. So, if she wont drink much tomorrow like today, she will have to go back. Not sure what they will do. There are several other babies and toddlers in the hospital right now for RSV here in Cherokee. I stayed home today, and daddy will be staying here with her the rest of the week. She has good moments and bad ones. The bad ones really stink. I feel so helpless for her. I feel so sad about it. Cross your fingers and please give a little prayer for her if you will. I want to be able to heal her up and keep her here at home!

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