Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daddy's Little Farmer Girl

Little Miss Pretty in Pink even looks great in her over alls from Grandpa Ed. Looks like she is ready for the field! Yes that is just a little bow in her hair. We can get it to stay there long enuf for a quick picture. She just really does not have much hair, so it is tuff to get one to stay in there. I love the look on her face in this photo. She looks like this about 85% of the time. The other time she is making silly faces while she is trying to talk, or sleeping. She really does not fuss much each day on a regular basis. She does fuss some, just not a bunch thank goodness. I would say that the most of her fussin' might take place at night when she loses that pacifier and can not seem to understand that it is the object sticking her right in the neck! Takes a quick second to to replace it where it should be, but that quick second it after waking, taking myself to another room and finding it in the dim light! Ha.

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