Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Update

Kent is working again, and is working in Aurelia. So he is home every night. He says he should be working there until summer. It is great having him home, but odd and unusual for us for this length of time. It has severly turn my habits upside down! He likes a meal each night! Salad or popcorn just does not make him happy like it does me. I guess that is ok- I need to eat well rounded heathly meals. He goes to bed early after being in the cold all day- this is good for me health wise and bad for me getting chores done. I have to find a happy medium. I dont think he will make it to Wyoming again this winter for snowmobiling. He wanted to go again this month, but this month is about to run out!

I started working out a Curves to build some strength and burn some of that middle roll that I dont need. Things are picking up at work. This week & most of next Lynn Rochelle is gone to Hawaii, so little more load to cover, but not so intense. Good to have business. I will get an office picture and post after she is back. You can see my co workers.

John and Jesse are good. Jesse came here last weekend to hang out and see us- and laundry! It was good to see her. I sent Valentine's packages to both kids before that, full of treats and sugar! I love to send things to them. Both have good grades, lots of friends and full schedules. John is still working at Barnes and Noble and really busy. His room mate is studying in Mexico, so he has the run of the place for a little while longer. I wish we could just jet back and forth to see ea other more, but it is so far to drive. We keep up via phone and face book. He is hoping to study abroad sometime soon too- scary for me, great for him- gotta make it thru. Jess is "looking" for a job in Ft Dodge, but at this point, why bother. She is already lining up summer work here. She is still considered an employee of Hy Vee, but she would rather not work there. She is going to work the pool again and has inquired about my office, RJ Thomas.

All seems well with family back home. Mom is excited, she gets internet hooked up this coming Wednesday. She is just as happy as a pig in mud! She learned to text just recently and is just too cute with it. I am sending her via mail- all the addresses for us and my blog.

Everyone up here is good. Carolyn keeps tabs on my too. It's good to have a mom in law just around the bend, she knows if the truck is home....something must be up. Soon, Ken't niece Nichole will have her baby. That will be fun, the first great grandchild in the family. She is having a girl. That will be sweet!

Bullet the wonder dog has not tried to kill himself for 2 months now!!! He is tearing the crap out of his shed. Silly thing! I have had to not let him visit with us in the house more. He does not like that. Poor fella, we dont want to go outside to play cuz it's cold. Those nice days we had on the weekends- Kent did play with him outside, and "let" him chase him around the yard on the snow mobile.

Life is good, cold but good. Wishing for spring.

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