Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Sunday Morning Thoughts

Good Morning All- even though it was another night out on the town for us last night and getting home late- I found myself awake this morning- so I got up started laundry , coffee and the computer. Interesting combo don't ya think. Many of you have suggested belly shots to me.....well, the belly I am unwillingly sporting right now is not so much baby as it is ME! I have to say that inactivity, beer and holidays had taken a toll on me and I had developed that middle roll. HA I suppose just a little bit in there maybe baby underneath it all, but never the belly shots! I am already wearing maternity pants, it is much more comfortable (even if they are too big). Low rise jeans just aren't the thing to wear for me right now....I found some baby doll style shirts in the reg selection at Kohls- they work well to cover up the maternity panel. Kent says in his too cute redneck style, just wear my bib jeans Momma, they are not so tight in the middle! So, ea and every day I fold up something from the closet or dresser that go into the "won't be wearing that for a while"pile- and off they go to the basement. UG My side of the closet has now become significantly smaller than Kent's side. That stinks. Currently I just need things longer to cover.

With that, I am eating my veggie Ma. As a matter of fact it is the prefered choice of food for me. If Kent was not here for supper each night, I would just have salad and bread, but he prefers lots of protein so I cook and therefore eat some. Nothing makes me sick. I have milk 3 times a day, try my best at healthy choices and keep something on the tummy every 2 or 3 hours. I enjoy lots of fruit too, taking in much needed water, cuz I am still not good at drinking lots of water. I do not see much soda, although i might have a small one here and there, doc says one a day is fine. I seems to have small bouts of heartburn each day, mild nothing horrible. Other than that I feel good, some tired. Try not to stay up late & wear down.

We are going to the doc on Wed (25th) for the ultra sound. It will be too early for the sex identification. Kent is making that choice- and he has not decided yet. I think he might be leaning toward finding out- we'll see, just when I think I figured him out, he surprises me and does just he opposite. No names yet either. He says we have plenty of time....yeah right. Let's review- found out in Dec that we are gonna have a baby and it will be the end of Feb any time how time flys.

Which that reminds me of how much I have to do b4 little one arrives. The list is endless.

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